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Here is a picture of one of our engineers carrying out a multi point Freesat & Freeview installation on a large mill conversion. He installed one Freesat satellite dish with 2x twin cables to feed 2x Freesat receivers and a Freeview TV aerial to feed 5x Freeview TVs.


This was a very difficult install for a number of reasons.

The building was half metal so very difficult to fix anything to.

The building was very large and the dish and aerial were on the opposite side of the building to where the distribution point was sited.

The signal was very poor for Freeview as the building was in a valley surrounded by large trees, and the area was also a conservation area.



We ended up having to put a Log Periodic TV aerial on a large mast to try and gain a little bit of height but we were restricted as the rules of the conservation area were quite strict. We had to install an amplifier for the Freeview signal to boost the weak levels.

We also had to do all the cables in white to match the front of the old building which was rendered white, so we ran 2x twinsat cables and 1x single coaxial cable all the way round to the front of the building.

All the brackets that we used to fix the satellite dish and TV aerial to the building were galvanised so hopefully in a few years there wont be any rust marls on the stone work.


Once all the cabling and connections were done all we had to do was wait for the customer to move in.

A few days later we got the call to say they were in so it was a case of back to the job to connect all the customers Freeview TVs and Freesat boxes up, leaving them with full working TV.


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