A nice neat Freesat dish installation we did for a customer that lived in an area with poor Freeview reception.The customer had a Samsung TV with inbuilt Freesat (that they didn’t know about) they called us out to fit a new aerial but the engineer advised them that a new dish would give them loads more channels all for Free and for a similar cost as having an aerial installed.

Freesat satellite dish installers Ilkley











Here is a high gain TV Freeview aerial that we installed, it was in a bad reception area but when we had finished the customer had a great signal for the TV and BT TV box.

High Gain TV Aerial installation












TV Aerial on large mast

Here is a large mast mounted TV aerial that we installed on a large property, the mast was installed on the rear of the property as there had been a side extension built so no access to the existing faulty aerial.












Here is a Freesat dish that we installed on the rear of the property on a mast. The dish was installed here to get a clear line of sight, the customer purchased Freesat as the Freeview in the area offered very few channels. Once the dish was installed with a wide band LNB connected to a Freesat box the customer was able to access 180 channels and record up to 4 at a time. For any info or for a Freesat dish installation give us a call.

Freesat dish on a mast












Here is a QLED FRAME TV that we wall mounted. One pic is with Art Mode on and the other with Art Mode off, a very stylish set up and not a cable insight.














A very large mast installation to get a signal over tall trees, as when the weather was poor the Freeview signal was dropping out so the option was to get a 12″ pole and get the aerial up high.

TV aerial on large mast












Another difficult installation of a Sky dish, this time our engineer had to work over a conservatory roof and try his best not to drop anything on it!! Everything went OK and we now have another happy customer receiving  great Sky and Freeview reception on the TV.

Sky dish Manchester















A TV wall mounted on a chimney breast over a fire place. This was a difficult installation as everything was so square but the engineer got it spot on, 10 out of 10 for getting everything to match up.

TV wall mounting Lytham












Here we have a Sky dish that we installed on a bungalow hidden down the side of the conservatory.

Sky dish












A very steep roof to get up to install a Sky dish on the chimney,

A steep roof












Here is an example of a difficult installation we did, as you can see the roof its very very steep and very high! so if you need a job doing that is going to be difficult we can help.











Here is a not so ordinary installation one of our engineers carried out, this is a radio ham aerial that we fitted on a chimney for a customer.The customer supplied the aerials and we did the rest, a 12’x 2″ heavy duty mast and a heavy duty chimney bracket with lashing kit.

Radio Ham aerial installation













If you are experiencing poor Freeview signal you may need to get your aerial checked, here is an example of a very old aerial that has been exposed to the elements so the connections are very corroded, so this resulted in poor reception.


Rusty TV aerial














Here is an example of storm damage, our engineer arrived to repair the aerial only to find the entire chimney had moved!!

stoem damaged TV aerial















A satellite dish installation on a commercial office building that had to be hidden and not visible from the front of the building. You can just see it by the Velux window on the right. Another neat and tidy job.

Commercial TV aerial











Here is a TV we wall mounted in a kitchen on a new build property, no wires visible at all, nice neat job!

TV wall mount in Kitchen












Its a high one! Here we have a wall mounted Freeview aerial on a three storey building, so if you have been refused an install by another company give us a call.

















Here is a picture of a difficult TV wall mounting we carried out. The TV is a Curved Samsung.Behind it is a BT box and a Wifi sender and a TV aerial wall socket, all hidden!! A very neat job by our engineer.












A new installation for 3 x TV’s all fitted on heavy duty galvanised brackets and alloy mast so no rust in the future.

TV aerial installation














Here is a very strange one, if you look closely the Sky dish if fitted to the Velux window, so every time the window is opened the signal will be lost!!
















Just another day fitting a Sky dish in a tree for a mobile home park.












Here is a Sky dish that we installed on a 3 storey apartment block that Sky refused because of the height.

Sky dish installation Wakefield














This is an installation on an old mill that we did to feed Freesat and Freeview to an apartment, the old water tank is still on the building so this was very difficult as the room was the other side of the building, so a lot of hidden cabled were required.

TV Aerial installerpudsey














This is one of our engineers installing 6x Freeview multi-room aerials on a row of new builds.
















This is a picture of an aerial we installed for a caravan park, the aerial is sited over 200mtrs from the distribution point so fiber optic cable was used for this very complicated installation.

Freeview aerial













One of our engineers on a wet day fitting a new Freeview aerial.














Here we have an image of from the roof of a local manor house that we worked on in Keighley West Yorkshire. This job was to diagnose an aerial fault that was causing issues to all the TVs in the coach house. Once the issue had been found we changed the aerial amplifier and all the Freeview channels were left working, another happy customer.

TV aerial on a manor house












Here is a picture of a recent job we did. The customer was having issues with birds sitting on the aerial and messing by the front door. The solution was to install these bird spikes so that there isn’t any were on the aerial for them to perch.

bird spikes on TV aerial













Here is a Freesat dish installation that we carried out in Ilkley, as you can see the dish required fitting onto the chimney as a large tree was in the line of sight to the satellite. We had to run the cable feeds through the loft to the other side of the property as it would have been a real eye sore to wall mount the cable round the house.

Satellite dish fitter Ilkley












Here is a standard 15 element aerial that we installed on a very sunny day. This was a replacement for an old aerial that had been damaged by the high winds and was in a very poor state, so a new bracket, mast, aerial and cable was the solution.

TV Aerial Rawtenstall














Installation of a SkyQ satellite dish that Sky refused as the dish required a special heights installation and it was on a very steep street.

Satellite dish Colne
















Working on a Porta Cabin in York on a rainy day, an unusual installation this as absolutely no where to fasten our TV aerial and satellite dish to, so we strapped a bracket to the steel supports.
















A 13 element TV aerial on a Galvanised bracket and mast on a very old property surrounded by trees facing the Winterhill transmitter.














One of our engineers installing a Freeview TV aerial for a home gym in Harrogate on a sunny day.














Our apprentice installing a satellite dish for Freesat on a flat in Leeds.

tv aerial installation















A satellite dish installed on a new mobile home for 2x Freesat TV’s , nothing to fasten it to so mounted on the ground, we even got the welcome sign underneath it.

tv aerial repair








A lovely day to be working up and around Kendal and the Lake district fitting a quality high gain TV aerial for Freeview.


IMG_0016 IMG_0017










Sometimes its the little things that make our job easier, we found this in a new build Barratt Homes in Preston, so instead of having to lift all the insulation to look for the TV aerial cables we easily found them.









This is what happens to a Freeview set top box when the TV aerial gets a direct lightening strike, this happened at a customers house in Bingley. 


IMG_4575 IMG_4573









A before and after of this massive aerial that we had to reinstall after it was brought down by a storm


IMG_4369 IMG_4370










One of our engineers working on a hotel system at the Days Inn Wetherby











A view from the Victorian terrace roof top in the village of Saltaire, a world heritage site, but the residents still need a satellite dish for Freesat!










Today’s not so standard satellite dish installation on this mega property


IMG_4316 IMG_4315 IMG_4309










Working on a wet day in the Ribble Valley fitting a D A B aerial.














A glorious day to be out installing aerials and satellite dishes in West Yorkshire and the van being framed by a rainbow.













One of our engineers installing one of 3 satellite multi point installations on the old Water Works in Salterforth, Lancs.

















An engineers view of last of the summer wine country Holmfirth , while installing another high quality TV aerial and an aerial view of our not so clean van!!

















A view of Emley Moor TV transmitter, one of the largest structures in the UK, with a vision 13 TV aerial pointing at it, we think that the signal will be ok on this install!!








This is something we haven’t seen in years, an Amstead Srx 200 and a Videocrypt decoder from about 1988. The first Sky box in the UK. They were still plugged in to a TV that we worked on today.













A sunny day with a giant satellite dish!! ( not in the UK)


img_4095 img_4096





















Autumn is here a view from a roof while doing a TV aerial to feed four rooms installation on a recently renovated property  in Tadcaster













A non standard sky satellite dish install on a residential park in Ripon

















Today’s digital aerial installation, with a view of Heysham power station in the background

















A hidden sky dish on a listed building, installed in the garden because of trees, another install that Sky declined that we sorted!!


img_3872 img_3871 img_3870 img_3869
















Installation of an 80cm satellite dish in Bradford for a non standard satellite receiver.









An aerial engineers view but A long way down to the van if you forget anything while doing another quality digital TVs aerial installation












Not your typical TV aerial repair, on a static caravan – mobile home, but we sorted it.



















A BT TV aerial installation on a converted mill in Shaw, now a dance studio.































A TV aerial engineers view from a very steep roof on an in rainy Lancaster.


















A sunny day with lots of aerials. FM DAB and TV (but not in the UK )

















A high gain aerial with a heights installation in Wrose, Bradford.


IMG_3417 IMG_3416

















A lovely sunny day installing a Freeview TV aerial in Marsden near Huddersfield.


















A CAT5 to HDMI multi room distribution installation to feed multiple TVs from different Sky boxes, all to work independently via magic eyes and a Freeview  TV aerial network.


IMG_3376 IMG_3374



















sky installation sky box






















A special heights satellite dish install for Freesat in Dewsbury














IMG_3271A sunny day looking down the Rossendale Valley towards Rawtenstall












View from the roof in Chorlton


















Another commercial customer, a TV point in the canteen for the Euro football championship


it works















An aerial engineer’s view of Castleford Power Station


















From a castle to a bungalow to a caravan, gives the answer to reception issues, here’s one of our Sky dish installations on a caravan site










Another quality High Gain Freeview aerial install on a bungalow by


IMG_3252 IMG_3254








A High Gain Freview Aerial installation, looking over the Cumbrian Fells at Sedburgh, on a lovely day.


IMG_3246 IMG_3249
















Another installation with a view.

This time, installing an octo LNB on a Sky satellite dish in Rodley, Leeds with great views towards the Bramley TV transmitter and overlooking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal

















Not a bad place to work on a sunny day installing digital aerials.















A TV aerial engineers view looking over Halifax after installing a standard Digital aerial.
















A before and after shot. A 10 foot mast that had come down in Leeds, replaced with a neat swan mast with a high gain aerial and FM aerial all on galv brackets.



















TV aerial fitters view from a house in Slaidburn in the Ribble Valley, another high gain high quality installation.















A typical loft aerial installation on a terraced house in Barnoldswick, to feed into an 8 way amplifier.









An  IRS system as it is installed in an apartment block in Hebden Bridge, with 80cm satellite dish, 32 element aerial and amplifier with a 12 way multiswitch. This to feed apartments with twin satellite and terrestrial feeds to all rooms. Done in a day.



IMG_2845IMG_2846 IMG_2851
















A view over Barnoldswick after fitting a 13 element aerial on a sunny day, over looking the Yorkshire Dales.

















A vision 13 element aerial with 4G filter onto a small mast on a bungalow in Ossett, with Ferry Bridge power station just visible in the background.














A High gain aerial mounted on a galvanised bracket, installed to four rooms via a four way external splitter on a large end terrace in Cross Hills West Yorkshire.
















A high gain installation for  a kitchen show room in Kendal, all cables hidden above ceilings to two aerial sockets.


















A TV aerial engineers view of Lancaster with Lancaster TV transmitter in the back ground and the snow covered peaks of the Lake District.


















Bringing a 500 year old manor house in Dronfield up to date with a FM DAB radio aerial install to 2 points, to feed some very high end hifi equipment

















A high gain aerial installed to withstand all weather with the highest motorway in the UK in the background at Rishworth Moor.
























A 10 foot mast with high gain aerial on a very old building in Ripponden Yorkshire.









A heavy duty high gain installation to withstand the wind at the foot of Pendle Hill on the Ribble valley side.











One of our vans blocking the street in Grassington up in the Yorkshire Dales, no access problems with us, we can and will fit aerials!!

















New Freeview TV aerial and lashing kit in Burnsall on a wet day in the Yorkshire Dales, with a van below.












































Removal of a 3 element FM aerial to be replaced by a new 5 ele Log DAB aerial in Oldham.


















Aerials fastened to a ladder in Bowness!!!


IMG_2356 IMG_2355













A Freesat dish installation on a mast, as no dish’s allowed on the front of the building, A sheltered housing scheme in Longridge near Preston.





A satellite dish installation in Grange Over Sands, all white twinsat cable on a white wall.


IMG_2314 IMG_2313IMG_2312















A hidden satellite dish in a garden over looking lake Coniston with an 80mtr cable run.










Think the reception may be ok here? Emley Moor transmitter.


















A TV aerial engineers view of Sheffield.




















A satellite dish on a mast to avoid trees in Leeds



IMG_2178              IMG_2179

A bathroom installation that is a mirror or a TV in Wakefield

Another bathroom TV in Sheffield

IMG_2182                  IMG_2183


A large installation on a castle in Wennington near Lancaster.




A flat to the wall TV mount in a bedroom on a house renovation in Preston.


















A hidden Sky dish in Bolton le Sands.



















IMG_2243 IMG_2245 IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 IMG_2251




Our engineer in full harness and safety equipment installing a high gain TV aerial and satellite dish.










tv wall leeds

A wall mounted TV and Sky box in Leeds.










IMG_2266 A dish damaged by scaffold in Preston.













An aerial engineers view of the entrance to Lancaster Uni by a Vision 32 aerial.


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