Freesat is a free satellite service that provides you with an array of channels for free via your satellite dish, all you need is a Freesat enabled TV or a Freesat box, there is no monthly subscription. At WeFitAerials we provide Freesat installation across the whole of the North of England and Yorkshire. If you are interested in adding Freesat to your home, please contact us today on 0800 0565177.

Why choose Feesat?

Freesat not only offers a huge range of popular channels but it is also free!

There are three different types of Freesat boxes:

  • PVR – This enables you to record one channel while watching another, for this you will need two cables wiring from your dish (twin sat) & a Quad LNB (4 outlets).
  • Standard box -this is a single input that is a tuner only, so you cannot record. These come in standard definition and high definition. For these type of boxes, you only need a single coaxial feed.
  •  New 4K TV Box – NEW 4K TV Boxes offer an amazing, subscription-free satellite TV experience and the ability to RECORD 4 CHANNELS AT ONCE, with over 180 channels – including more than 20 in HD. For this an upgrade to a wideband LNB will be required.
    Plus, you can also access popular free and paid On Demand players including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and Netflix.

If you want multiple Freesat boxes you can run a maximum of 8 feeds from one dish off an octo LNB, so you can have a mix of standard and PVR type Freesat decoders.

Here are some of the Freesat channels you are likely to receive:

Freesat Satellite Dish Installer

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Freesat HD

The Freesat HD service includes BBC HD, ITV HD, CH4 HD and later in the year Channel FIVE HD which will make Freesat one of the newest digital, affordable, high definition television providers.

At WeFitAerials we can install Freesat to your existing dish or install you a new Freesat dish, we can install single feed or twin feed for Freesat PVR or Freesat integrated TV. WeFitAerials can also repair your broken TV aerial before your Freesat installation.

If you are having problems with Freesat, or need a new dish or Freesat box, then we specialise in:

• Non-standard installs
• Special heights
• Discreet install
• Listed building
• Roof installation
• Chimney installation
• Sky repairs
• Pole mounted dishes
• Twin cable upgrades
• Additional coax cables
• Quad & Octo LNB

If you are looking for Freesat installation in the North of England or Yorkshire, or would like to hear more about the range of Freesat, Freeview or Sky services available, then give us a call on 0800 0565177 for same or next day service.

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