Sky Services

Have you been refused an installation by Sky for Sky HD or Sky Q? No problem! WeFitAerials are here to help! We offer full Sky installations and repairs. Here at WeFitAerials we can repair any Sky Satellite equipment, Sky+ box or Sky HD box. If you are looking to learn more about Sky Packages, or simply want to receive a professional Sky service, then we are the guys for you.

WeFitAerials Sky services

We specialise in:

• Non-standard installs
• Special heights
• Discreet installations
• Listed building
• Roof installation
• Chimney installation
• Sky+HD repairs
• Pole mounted dish
• Multiroom installs
• Sky Q dish installations

Faulty Dish? No satellite signal? WeFitAerials engineers can repair any Sky satellite dish, including:

• Re-alignment
• Faulty LNB
• Sky Q
• Quad LNB
• Octo LNB
• Sky link
• Magiceye re-cable
• Shotgun coax/twin sat cable
• F-connectors
• Tree in the line of sight

Have you had Sky Q installed and found that your Sky eye will not work?

This is now a common issue as the new Sky Q set box doesn’t have the facility to watch a channel in another room, but we have come up with an answer to this problem. The second TV must have a HDMI input so that a HDMI cable can be plugged into it. We can then run a CAT5e cable from your new Sky Q box to the second TV. This is then plugged in to a special adapter that has an IR sender, which will allow you to use the remote in the other room to control and watch the Sky channel as you did prior to upgrading to Sky Q. This solution will only allow you to view the same Sky channel on both TVs at the same time, this is as it was with the previous Sky magic eye. For information on this please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Sky Q

Credit: Sky Q Icon by Emmett2468 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Our engineers will diagnose your Sky TV problem and give you a fixed price quote to repair it before any work is carried out. What we quote is what you pay. At WeFitAerials we offer a full 12month guarantee on all our work.

If you are interested in having Sky TV but confused about all the different Sky packages, feel free to fill in your details on our contact page and we will call you back and explain them to you in plain English.

If you are looking for Sky, Freeview or Freesat Services in the North of England, or would like to hear more about the range of Sky packages available, then give us a call on 0800 0565177.

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