Tips for wall mounting a TV

Tips for mounting

A Simple Introduction to fitting your own TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Bracket by the DIY enthusiast: We get many phone calls from clients asking for ” Advice on how to mount your own TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Mount ” as some of the professional companies like to charge a handsome packet for their services and this may not be suited to all of our clients. So in response to this,  we have prepared a short  ‘guide’ to help the DIY enthusiast complete the job smoothly and safely  and we hope you find these tips useful, if you are still unsure then please feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to help you in this area as we have many installation company’s who purchase their TV Wall Brackets and Monitor Wall Mounts from us so we are able to offer direct advice. But please please please, if you are unsure then always seek expert advice from a Professional Tradesman.The first thing you need to do is establish if you have brick wall or concrete wall or breeze block wall or partion wall with plasterboard and stud work. All of our TV Wall Brackets and Monitor Wall brackets are designed to fit all these types of walls.The following tools and accessories will help in your quest for a good clean finish and remember that the TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Mount may be heavy, so it is always advisable for 2 people to help with the mounting process: A. A dust sheet. B. An electric drill with a masonry drill bits or wood drill bits, depending on the type of wall. C. A spirit  level so the TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Bracket fits squarely. D A good sized screwdriver / standard round head and Phillips head. E. And most importantly, a electric cable-finder and pipe finder so you don’t drill into them accidentally.
Installation of a TV Wall Bracket to Brick and Breeze Block walls: 1. Decide where the TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Bracket to be positioned and mark the wall in the centre of where you want it to fit. 2. Then take the wall plate and centre it over the mark you made by using the spirit level, carefully mark the fixing points through the TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Bracket back plate onto the wall. 3. Drill the fixing holes to the required length. 4. Insert the plugs into the drill holes and then fit the wall plate using the bolts provided and and make sure all fixings are secure. 5. Then fit both the arms on your TV Wall Bracket or Monitor Wall Bracket by using the bolts, spacers and washers as needed and sometimes we find it is better to attach any cables and power leads at this stage. 6. Attach the bracket arms / front plate by screwing it into the back of your TV into the four holes. 7. Once you have done this carefully lift your TV up and either hang or attach to the wallplate of the bracket. 8. Secure with screws provided.
Installation of a TV Wall Bracket to a Stud Wall and  Plasterboard Walls : It’s a very similar process to the above, with a few small differences. TV Wall Brackets and Monitor Wall Brackets can be heavy so please ensure that you fit the TV Wall Bracket or the Monitor Wall Bracket into at least two upright wooden studs within the partion at each end of the bracket. You can easily locate the UPRIGHT STUDS by using an electronic stud-finder. In most modern UK houses under 25 years old , they are usually 11″ to 13″ apart, and approx 2″ to 3″ wide.

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