Our guarantee covers any problems that develop on any parts or materials supplied and installed by us within 12 months or otherwise stipulated on your invoice. Please ensure you keep your invoice.


Our guarantee does NOT cover:
Any difficulties customers encounter using or tuning their own equipment, such as TV’s, DVD players, Satellite & Freeview receivers etc.
Any faults on customer’s own existing equipment.
Any change in channel frequencies, which require a re-tune, up-grade or additional equipment.
Any damage caused by excessive weather conditions.
Anything not supplied or installed by us.


Please note guarantee is null & void if any work carried out by us or any equipment supplied by us, is repaired or replaced by someone other than We Fit Aerials. No reimbursement will be issued in this situation.

If a customer call us out under the 12 month guarantee and it is NOT covered by these terms, the customer will be charged for our engineer’s call-out. This is a minimum of £30.00+VAT.

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