A Sky dish in a tree





Here is a picture of a very non standard Sky satellite dish installation that we carried out. We were called out to the Sky dish by a customer that lived behind a very large woodland and the property was surrounded by very large trees. The existing satellite dish had been fitted to the BT telegraph pole that is to the right on the picture. The customer had been having telephone line issues so had got a BT engineer to call out and rectify the issue. On arrival the first thing he flagged up was the Sky dish that was sited on the telegraph pole and informed the customer it had to be removed.



When we arrived the customer told us that there was no way that BT would allow the dish to be on the pole so another site had to be found. Our engineer then had to find a suitable site, not that easy! After looking at every possible site in the garden and on the house the only place that a line of sight could be found was in the tree, we then had to do a bit of tree work and remove a few branches so that the Sky dish would fit onto the tree trunk. Once the branches had been removed it was quite straight forward for our TV aerial engineer to install the satellite  dish and line it up for Sky TV. The cables from the dish to the house ran in a duct under the lawn so the solution to the problem of the cable being short was to run a couple of twin cables down the tree and into a weather proof external box and couple them together.


Once all this was done it was just a case of a quick internal signal test and everything was back working with us leaving another happy customer.






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