BBC Local Radio to refocus news programming

BBC Local Radio to refocus news programming


David Holdsworth has announced a new direction for BBC local radio stations, with a focus on personalities and production.

Local news will continue to be important, but local radio journalism, David says, also needs to have personality through engaging interviews, debate and conversation with the audience.

It’s expected stations which concentrate on news for the majority of their output (i.e. all talk-breakfast) will start having more music and personality programmes rather than hard news and talk shows.

David, Controller of English Regions, says now is an important moment for Local Radio – music will be reviewed and more training will be offered. Research has concluded that the stations need to reinforce their role as a companion; “Put simply we need to avoid stifling the personality in our output, while continuing to inform, champion and challenge,” David told local radio staff this lunchtime.

BBC local radio will continue to target 50 – 70 year olds and will work on providing “intelligent competitions” and “craftier trails” and cross promotion.

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